About Daddy's Smackin' Wings!

Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings is not afraid to go out of the box. See for yourself with our extensive menu.

Robert “Robbie” Nolan Owens built his life on family and faith. Robbie grew up in Denver, Colorado as one of more than 100 grandchildren; he was the only one named after his grandpa.

“He was the chef of our family, a real chef,” Robbie recalls his grandpa with a smile. That love for food settled in for the young Robbie early on in life. He spent his childhood watching the bustle of the kitchen over the shoulders of his mom and grandpa.

In the early 2000’s Robbie moved to Russellville to be near his grandma’s family. As he grew up, Robbie went through careers in sales and music productions but found himself in legal trouble on more than one occasion. At 25 years old, Robbie decided to turn his life around.

Robbie had long since noticed the absence of his beloved Denver wings from any local food joints. He had already cooked his wings for friends and family for years, so he turned his passion into a business. The city of Russellville shut him down for not meeting commercial kitchen requirements, so when Robbie came across the deal of a lifetime on a kitchen trailer, he jumped on it.

“The thing is, I just leaped out of faith.” Despite losing many friends along the way for doubting him, Robbie pressed on toward his dream. After many moves for the Smackin’ Wing’s & Things Trailer, it sat in the lot of Russellville Sears. Suddenly, a restaurant in Russellville closed its doors, and Robbie saw the opportunity and jumped on it once again.

Robbie’s grandpa and namesake passed away in June 2018. Immediately after that, the chance for Smackin’ Wings & Thing’s first brick and mortar location fell into Robbie’s lap. “First off, I’m a firm believer in God. He put me in the spot to be able to succeed.” Robbie’s faith and love motivated him to officially rename his restaurant “Daddy’s Smackin’ Wings & Things” for his grandpa and hero. A Chef, Veteran, and beloved man, Daddy was widely respected. If he were here today, he’d be smackin’ on some wings right alongside his proud, talented grandson.